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Can we use an industrial solar water heater in a commercial environment? Of course yes. Growing industrialization has resulted in the country’s fast commercial development.

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However, this has had a negative and deteriorating influence on the ecosystem, owing mostly to the toxic chemicals and gases discharged into the environment by companies. It also has an impact on global warming and the greenhouse effect, which are causing a slew of health problems throughout the world. The only way to regulate this is for companies to switch to eco-friendly goods like solar water heaters, which will result in fewer chemicals being vented into the environment. Solar Water Heater for Industrial Applications The industrial solar water heater is gaining popularity in India because of the multiple applications it provides, such as washing, drying, heating, steaming, sterilizing, chemical treatment, dyeing, air drying, power production, pasteurization, boiling, and so on. Furthermore, many local governments are collaborating with industry to promote solar water heaters and raise awareness about their enhanced productivity. Some governments are now offering incentive programs for the use of industrial solar water heaters. Benefits of solar water heaters in the industry: Solar items are capturing a sizable portion of the existing market. Because of its long list of advantages. As a result, if you use it, you are staying current with the industry. One of the most obvious advantages will be the reduction in power costs. Because you will be utilizing solar energy for many industrial activities. The use of commercial solar water heaters will result in a pollution reduction. You will be able to donate to the cause of environmental conservation. You will be employing the most renewable energy resource, which you will be able to utilize as needed. A more dependable and secure method of doing the task. Industries have a higher need for energy. As a result, they utilize various energy resources in greater quantities, causing some of the resources to become scarce. As a result, an industrial solar water heater may aid in resource conservation. The government is also supporting the use of solar products. As a result, you will receive the finest incentive programs for business solar water heater usage. In India, there is a high need for Industrial Solar Water Heater Manufacturers and Dealers. As the industrialization process progresses, so does the need for various industry-related items. Many people are becoming entrepreneurs and beginning their businesses. They will require high-quality items that will help them save money. Commercial use of solar goods is also the greatest solution. Because they will help both the environment and the company owner. As a result, these items are in high demand. The need for industrial solar water heaters leads to a demand for industrial solar water heater manufacturers and dealers in India. By searching online, you may get a list of the best solar water heater manufacturing firms in India. Inter Solar is the finest option for having a business solar water heater. Customers will be searching for quality solar water heaters for extended usage, which Inter Solar products provide. solar water heater

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What Makes Inter Solar India’s Leading Industrial Solar Water Heater Manufacturer and Supplier? As the cost of power rises, more individuals are turning to solar energy solutions. Because the circumstances have forced them to utilize these things. So, if you’re ready to take that step, why not pick the greatest option among thousands of options? dependable and safe energy source Industries require a considerable quantity of energy for production and other industrial operations, necessitating the usage of various energy sources. As a result, many enterprises favor solar water heaters as a viable alternative to traditional water heaters. Solar water heaters are also more consistent, less costly, and less harmful to the environment than conventional water heaters. Furthermore, it improves employee safety by preventing mishaps caused by electrical shocks. It also conserves interior space by utilizing the rooftop for the installation of solar panels and other necessary accessories. decreases reliance on unpredictable fossil fuel costs Solar water heating systems can assist small and medium-sized businesses in lowering their reliance on variable fossil fuel prices. The main problem they encounter, however, is maximizing the water heating capacity of the solar water heaters to satisfy their manufacturing requirements. In addition, they provide water storage during non-sun and non-production hours. Water heating needs of several industries: The water heating needs of various businesses change depending on their unique operations. Hot water temperatures ranging from 50°C to 250°C are required by industries, accounting for a major portion of their overall energy use. Some sectors with a high need for hot water include: Food processing, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries These industries need the conversion of water to steam at high temperatures. This procedure necessitates a significant amount of power, accounting for over 60% of their entire energy use. Solar water heaters not only address their water heating problem but also offer them reliable, non-polluting hot water at a lower cost than traditional sources. Industry of dairy and milk products India is a major producer of milk and milk products. It has about 1,000 big, medium, and small dairy producing plants and yearly generates over 170 million tons of milk. Energy is essential in the production of milk and milk products, which are generally derived from fossil fuels such as furnace oil. More than a quarter of their production costs are devoted to fossil fuels and electricity. When compared to traditional sources, the installation of solar systems to generate thermal energy and energy for other operations would not only cut CO2 emissions but will also offer an uninterrupted energy supply at a significantly lower cost. Agriculture and food processing Solar water heaters can provide a significant percentage of water heating demand in nations where agriculture and food processing businesses are prominent by supplying hot water for curing, drying, dyeing, washing, boiling, and pasteurization operations. Sunshine company’s role in assisting enterprises in meeting their solar water heater requirements solar water heater near me

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Sunshine company has been a pioneer in the design and manufacture of solar water heating systems for the past 28 years. Our ‘Solarizer’ water heating system has developed to become one of India’s and Europe’s major makers of solar water heating systems. Sunshine company has played a significant part in the expanding use of solar energy across several industry sectors, with our solar water heating systems being specifically built for industrial use. We assist industries in supplying continuous hot water throughout the year at a low cost, saving a significant amount of money on power expenses. Our water heaters have a 25-year warranty and are of good quality. We are well-known for providing outstanding after-sales support and a customer-focused attitude. Sunshine company has built and completed solar water heater installations in a variety of industries: Hotels & Resorts -, a Solarizer water heater with a capacity of 30,000 LPD was erected. View project Educational Institutions – A Solarizer water heater with a capacity of 91,000 LPD was installed at 35 sites around Karnataka. View project Hospitals – In Bengaluru, Karnataka, a Solarizer water heater with a capacity of 50,500 LPD was erected. View project Industries – In Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad, a Solarizer Plus water heater with a capacity of 20,000 LPD was erected. Solar Water Heating in Manufacturing Processes Although renewable energy cannot supply all temperature levels necessary for industrial operations, solar energy is suitable for low-temperature applications (up to 100 C). Industries are looking for efficient and cost-effective ways to catch, store, and transform solar energy into usable energy to produce hot water and steam. Pre-heating, pasteurization, sterilization, washing, cleaning, chemical reactions, food preparation, and textile operations are the industrial applications most suitable with the integration of solar energy systems. Because solar energy is intermittent, hot water should be collected for regulated use and, if necessary, supplemented with heat from another source. The collector is the most important part of a solar power system. Solar thermal collectors can be stationary (without mechanisms to track the sun, installed oriented to the north with a horizontal tilt angle approximately equal to the local latitude), mobile (with tracking of a single axis to follow the sun or with two systems axes perpendicular to each other following the sun in the East-West and North-South directions), or evacuated tuyeres. The heating system chosen is determined by the temperature necessary for the process. Pre-heating systems with flat plate collectors are the most efficient and have the best cost/benefit ratio. Solar heating for industrial processes is still in its early phases of research, but applications with plant collectors and evacuated tubes at temperatures up to 250 C, such as in the food sector, textiles, and drinks, would have enormous potential. Solar heat has the potential to be used in industrial processes that need temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius, primarily in the food and beverage, textile, and chemical industries. Solar water heaters used in industrial operations may be found in the European region. solar water heater price

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