Solar Mat Water Heater Sale

Solar mat water heaters are sold by factories and their agencies that operate throughout the country and even their reputable sites. Buyers can buy these water heaters in bulk through this site. Finally, in general, it can be said that the product brand and quality of this category of solar water heaters all affect their final pricing. But by buying directly and without intermediaries, you can get reputable and original brands at a more reasonable price than the market.

Solar Mat Water Heater Sale

What Is a Solar Mat?

What Is a Solar Mat? Solar mat water heater with solar energy technology brings water to the boiling point and has two layers of steel tank and a layer of polyurethane insulation, which allows the water temperature to remain unchanged in the tank for up to three days. Note that the capacity of these products is selected by the number of people at home. For example, a family of four should buy a 200-liter the Intex solar mat heater. In fact, 50 liters of hot water is needed per person.

It should be noted that used solar heater for inground pools, so that now solar water heater collectors can store more than 50% of the solar energy received and transfer it to the spa. Using solar energy can be a good alternative to using fossil fuels in buildings and is one of the most effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Using this clean energy because it is free can have a significant impact on reducing household energy costs. Over the past few years, solar water heaters for pool use have flourished due to the staggering costs of fossil fuels such as gas and oil.

How Do Solar Heater Mats Work?

How Do Solar Heater Mats Work? It should be noted are eco-friendly solar heating mat and how it works and water heating in solar water heaters is done through the science of density. The water heater pipes are placed on a slope and after filling the water in the tank and the pipes, the water is heated by the sunlight in the pipes. Then, due to the fact that hot water is lighter than cold water, hot water moves upwards (in the tank) and cold water takes its place in the pipes.

This cycle occurs until the entire tank is at the same temperature. So heating is like this and the only thing that should be done after heating is to maintain the temperature of the water inside the tank. To do this, the pipes are double-walled and the tank has two layers of steel and one layer of polyurethane insulation. For this reason, this type of water heater is able to keep water at a certain temperature for three days.

How to install a solar water heater To install a solar water heater, you must first connect the aluminum structure under the water heater (which comes with the water heater). Be careful to keep the screws loose! In the next step, place the horizontal tank on the structure and tighten its connection to the structure. Then replace the water heater glasses one by one. After delivery of the solar water heater, you can contact the dealer for installation.

Why to Buy Solar Mat Water Heater for Your Swimming Pool?

Why to Buy Solar Mat Water Heater for Your Swimming Pool? As mentioned above, in addition to using pool heating, pool owners can use auxiliary heating as an option to increase the temperature to make the water temperature more favorable. Auxiliary heating in addition to solar heating is also required for shaded swimming pools or treatment pools and high-end swimming pools that do not use a plastic cover.

The price of a solar pool water heater is very affordable due to the reduction of costs in the long run. So after buying a solar water heater, you will have hot water for free after a few years. When buying a suitable solar water heater for the pool, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Dimensions of the pool
  • Average ambient temperature
  • Optimal pool temperature
  • The amount of solar resources of the place
  • Slope and direction of solar collectors
  • Collector efficiency

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