Big Solar Water Heater Vendors

Today, with the spread of environmental damage, industrial equipment manufacturers are trying to produce devices that cause the least amount of damage to nature and the environment. In this regard, several industrial and commercial companies with years of experience and extraordinary technical knowledge have built solar heating systems in various models and capacities to take a step in this field and a variety of low-consumption and quality big solar water heater heaters and They send it to the market at a reasonable price.

Big Solar Water Heater Vendors

Different Types of Big Solar Water Heater

Different Types of Big Solar Water Heater A big solar water heater system is a unique category of geysers that utilizes sun rays to function. These are widely preferred for their low cost of operation and eco-friendly nature. As solar water heaters barely consume electricity, they enable huge amounts of savings. In fact, Racold’s solar water geysers can provide up to 80 percent savings. Now, solar water geysers can further be classified into various types. Each type has a distinct functionality and it can be a little tricky to identify which one suits your needs.

Flat plate collector (FPC) FPCs are the most popular type of collectors. They consist of a rectangular box that is insulated. This box is covered by a glass. Just beneath the glass, there are a series of interconnected copper pipes for the water to flow through. Since it is metallic, this system is more durable. Additionally, we incorporate an Enamel Coating in our Omega range of solar water heaters to prevent corrosion and ensure a longer lifespan. The Omega range has been designed to withstand High Pressure and to exhibit high performance. Its 4 in 1 Multifunction Valve makes it completely safe for domestic usage.

Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC) Evacuated tube collectors employ glass tubes to absorb solar radiations. The core ideology behind this solar hot water system is that vacuum is an effective insulator. A tube called 3T has multiple layers and vacuum is trapped in between them. In our Alpha range of solar geysers, the inner tank is coated with PUF Insulation for higher efficiency. These geysers also employ Magnesium Anode to improve durability and ensure that you rest assured for many years. However, the most impressive thing in our Alpha Pro is a technological advancement that includes Smart Float Technology. It is a unique valve designed and patented by Racold to prevent long air vents and encourage safe usage.

Big Solar Water Heater Wholesale Price

Big Solar Water Heater Wholesale Price The best big solar water heater heating systems are usually more expensive to purchase and install than conventional water heating systems. However, a solar water heater can usually save you money in the long run. On average, when installing a solar water heater, the water heating bill should be reduced by 50% -80%. Also, because solar energy is free, you will be safe from future fuel shortages and price increases.

Solar water heaters including energy-saving appliances. They are practical in today’s world. In this system, heated water is supplied by solar energy. This design increases system efficiency and affordable price for solar water heaters. Manufacturing companies or the exclusive sales and after-sales service agency of foreign companies in Iran, have started selling domestic and foreign water heaters with a guarantee, high quality and cheaper prices.

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